I make music, I promote music, and I occasionally write about music.

Music I Make

“House of Never”

What was the “Daniel Lee James” band, turned into something more collaborative with a progressive-pop-rock focus.   Unfortunately, our drummer moved out of state and we have yet to collaborate as a team again. 

“Daniel Lee James (band)”

One day I decided to have something to show for all the music I had created off and on over the years, so I set a deadline for myself to publish whatever I could come up with, whatever state it may be in.  With the help of some great friends, Clay Finley, John McKean, and Van Hoisington, Jr, a first album was born.  It was a hodge-podge mix of love ballads, pop and progressive rock tunes that no one in our audiences could find a common term for, but we had fun mixing it up regardless. 

Music I Promote


VoyagerFest is a non-profit dedicated to supporting and developing a community of progressive and experimental musicians, artists and makers by providing learning, performance and income opportunities; to help turn their artistic pursuits into viable and sustainable careers.

We put on the Voyager Music Festival every year in Austin, Texas.  I helped start this thing.

I also blog various music experiences

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